Twisting Sam Bender

I'm really lucky...I have hippy parents who had good business sense. We grew up comfortable, on the fringes. I got a great education, decided on some business classes and finally earned my massage and physical therapy degrees. My parents semi-retired from the Chinese supplement import business. I took over and maintained my practice on evening and weekends: I could afford to see only the clients I wanted.

I'm easy going about my sexuality. I've had a couple of steady gal friends;

twisting sam bender

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Meeting Sam

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

I had been accepted into graduate school during my final semester of college. I wasn't sure what I could do with my dual degrees in history and politics, but I knew there wasn't much. So, I did what any other reasonable young man would do and I decided to further my education and earn a masters degree in history (as if there was something I could do with that). Regardless, I've always imagined becoming: Dr. J. P. Harrington.

I said goodbye

meeting sam

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