Rough Fuck

I'm in no mood for games tonight. I'm horny, and I want to fuck you hard, Kyleen, and make you scream and cry. I yank your shirt over your head and pull your pants off, leaving you wearing just your red silky girly G-string. I kick off my pants, and then I step behind you, pull my cock out of the slot in the front of my boxer shorts, and start rubbing my dick against your silk-covered ass while reaching around and stroking your stiffening cock. Reaching inside, I smear some of your precum over y

rough fuck

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Rough Velvet: Alternative

'Rough Velvet' is my collection of short stories, focussing mainly homosexual male erotica, and is made for those looking to get to the heat of the moment a bit more quickly by painting vivid pictures for the imagination, rather than detailed story and character development. The series is all about presenting gay male eroticism, usually sans romance and intellectual facets, amidst exotic backdrops to provide an evocative image for the mind, as well as an exploration of the many aspec

rough alternative

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Rough Riding to BARUF Ch. 01

I had found him through a friend of a friend of a friend. He didn't look like much when we met in Starbucks to discuss particulars. In fact, he didn't look at all like what I wanted.

"So, how did you settle on this?" he asked me.

"It was a costume party," I answered. "I hadn't, you know, been much interested in or turned on by anything until then, and . . ."

"Well, you look mighty fine to me," he said. "Surely you've gotten offers by real studs."

rough riding baruf

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