Bathhouse Dark Room

I was in the dark, helpless, his tongue unerringly returning to my wanting ass, providing the enveloping pleasure that he now knew I wouldn't, couldn't, resist. Each flick against my skin a gently cresting wave, pulling me back into the depths of his perfectly baited trap, propelled on a neverending current of primal satisfaction at the very core of my body. Being rimmed in a bathhouse was even more seductively irresistible than my wildest fantasies. I had become completely unable to do anything

bathhouse dark room

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Young/Old Hotel Room Fun

This is a true account of how I lost my anal virginity. It was one of my first gay experiences, and it happened just after I'd turned 18. More of my sexual adventures will be uploaded if this one is well recieved.

A few weeks after my first gay experience, with a guy my own age, I was horny and wanted more. Since I've always found older men to be a huge turn on, I decided to search the internet for some fun. Sure enough, one of the first ads I found on a local onlin

young/old hotel room fun

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Hotel - Room 707

I sighed with relief as I entered the hotel bar that Friday afternoon. It was Labor Day weekend, always an intensely busy period for a hotel on Clearwater Beach, on any Florida beach. Memorial Day and July 4th are also incredibly busy times as well but Labor Day weekend is total madness as hundreds of thousands of people seek to enjoy the last weekend of the summer before school. The big spring break craze falls into a completely separate category. Not only are there official hotel guests, thous

hotel room 707

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The Unused Room Ch. 04

The time after dinner had left him feeling empty. He hadn't wanted to leave Michel's apartment, nor the lively company of his irrepressible mother but he felt awkward when Patria headed off to bed. He was completely unprepared for the long hug that she gave him and unnerved by the words she spoke in his ear, Release his ghost, little one. A new angel is waiting to claim you. He hardly heard Michel's words of good night and half-stumbled up the stairs.

Hardy's apartment seem

the unused room

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The Unused Room Ch. 02

Reality came back slowly to Caiden. He raised his head and took a deep breath, fighting the nauseous feelings that threatened to overtake him but a gentle hand pushed him back down, accompanied by a soothing voice.

"Take it easy. You can't get up just yet." Michel's concerned face came into focus and he laid a cool cloth on Caiden's forehead. "You have to let the blood come back gradually or you will pass out again."

"What happened?"

"You were looking

the unused room

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The Unused Room Ch. 08

Michel and Patria had hugged them when they'd emerged from Michel's room. If they smelled the scent of semen on the young men, they didn't comment. Caiden mentioned that he was going to take Tommy out to breakfast and asked the artist and his mother to come along and Patria wailed that she couldn't go unless she went home and changed clothes. The foursome agreed to meet back at Michel's in an hour and Caiden walked Tommy to the elevator, wondering why he suddenly felt like a shy schoolboy on a f

the unused room

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Different Kind of Room Service Ch. 02

When I last left off Kevin had to return to work for a few hours, before returning to my room for some more hot man sex. I had decided to go grab a bite to eat while Kevin finished his work shift. After eating a nice dinner I still had a few hours to kill until Kevin returned so I decided to go have a few drinks in the bar before going back up to my room. While I was down in the bar I thought one of the hotel security guards was watching me rather closely, But I didn't think much of it at the ti

different kind room service

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The Unused Room Ch. 03

Dawn spiked soft rays of sunlight into the bedroom and found Caiden standing at the window, staring out across the expanse that stood between himself and Ground Zero. He hadn't been able to sleep and he knew why. The place of Hardy's death had called to him all night, begging him to visit and Caiden had resisted, knowing that nothing but pain and desolation waited for him there. His dreams were filled with snapshots of their lives together and he could do nothing but sleep through them, waking e

the unused room

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The Unused Room Ch. 07

Tommy allowed Caiden to lead him back to Michel's bed but sat stiffly as the man rubbed his arm. "Caiden ... "

"What's wrong?"

"I ... I'm not really used to this."

"Used to what? Being touched?"

"Being loved."

It was a whisper but Caiden still heard his words and he turned the young man's face toward him, searching his eyes. "What did Hardy do to you?"

Tommy's eyes filled with tears and in halting words, he

the unused room

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Room for Rent Ch. 01

The house looked beautiful in the pictures...a gorgeous suburban home with a driveway and a big private back yard. The rent was reasonable and week to week, and express buses to the city were right around the corner. It seemed like the perfect place to stay while I looked for an apartment of my own in New York City, where I was about to start a new job.

The ad was simple: A Bi/Gay male in his 40s with two bedrooms to rent in his large home in suburban New Jersey. He was looking fo

room for rent

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