Roger Fucking My Ass

Over the years I have come to realize either you change with time or you are left behind. That being said want to tell you of one major change in my life. That's being able to accept it's okay to look at men as a possible sex partner and not as someone that is nasty to come into contact with. 

For years us men have loved the idea of getting a blow job from women and then after having that done we go back to kissing her and making out like she never had our cock in her mouth. So an

roger fucking ass

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Roger and Me Play Again

Walking through O'Hare airport in Chicago, I stopped short when I recognized my old friend Roger, whom I had not seen since our college days back in Oklahoma. Roger recognized me as well, as he smiled broadly and stuck out his hand. It had been almost 35 years since we had last seen each other and now we happened to meet by chance in an airport, both of us laying over for the night on business.

Roger and I had been close friends growing up back in Oklahoma, and had attended one ye

roger and play again

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