Men of the Road Ch. 03


It was at the very early morning hour when Brent stirred slightly and felt Jake's stiff dick brush against his buttocks. Brent was barely awake lying on his left side with Jake behind him. Jake, who was still asleep, had his right arm draped over Brent's body. Brent felt Jake's erection twitch and tickle his bottom. Still well lubed form the previous night's butt fucking, Brent guided the rigid shaft into his receptive ass. Jake did not move so Bren

men the road

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The Road Sometimes Traveled

The following is a first time gay tale that grew out of the dark place in my mind. My stories tend to have a cuckold theme. Most cuckold fantasies have a bisexual element. This is no exception, but it crosses a line. 

It's not uncommon for cuckolds to question their sexuality. As a mental exercise, I've looked at another man in the gym, wondering if I could actually do it, suck his cock. I've wondered to myself how many times does the unrequited cuckold take that journey, out o

the road sometimes traveled

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