Ritual of Honor

Before starting my tour of duty in Okinawa, I thought my primary talent was playing the piano. I was soon to learn otherwise, though, and my late coming to "the" life gripped me like a disease or an unshakable habit.

I had known since not long after puberty that I had an unusual attraction. I had formed friendships quickly from my days in high school—and not just with my school chums but with their parents as well. Everyone wanted to get to know me—to get close to me. It was a gre

ritual honor

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The Ritual

It started after I was released from my time of slavery. But I still had the cravings, the need to feel used. I was living on my own, having been raised very well by my widowed mother but with no strong father figure, I was easy prey. I won't elaborate on that, it's been so very long now that the memories grow hazy. This time of my life lasted from age 18 until I was about thirty. I'd had many jobs, much education and many wild encounters. With women I was very dominant. But when there were dry 

the ritual

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