The Retreat Ch. 05

Author's note:

Real life got into the way of my stories. Please make suggestion in the comments area. So far I have had some interesting feedback.


I woke up spooning with Mike, he was gently stroking my cock. He was sleep humming in my ear. I felt his hot breath on and in my ear. He had his other hand close to my face so I sucked his forefinger, which he moving in and out. I pretended it was his cock and twirle

the retreat

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Retreat to Savannah

Was that really him I'd seen at the graveside, I wondered. It was more than a glimpse and he looked at me in recognition, but then Julio had taken my elbow so possessively, so intent on showing how close he was to Avis and me—or to me, at least. When I'd given him his moment of recognition, I looked back at where I was sure I'd seen David. But he was gone. I pulled the collar of my coat up to my ears and shuddered. Fuckin' long Chicago winters. Frozen stiff by the wind whipping off the lake. How

retreat savannah

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The Retreat Ch. 03

Jonah and Mike get closer and have more fun.


We went into dinner, which was server early, together Greg, Larry, and I. As we sat down and looked at the menus another couple joined us at our table and introduced themselves as Joe and Jim. We exchanged pleasantries; they were roommates like us but only two instead of the traditional three.

"Must have something to do with the total number of people here." I said.


the retreat

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The Retreat Ch. 02

This is the morning after and a warm-up for Mike and Jonah. Enjoy


I woke up to the feeling of something growing in my ass, it was pushing forward trying to burst through my inner ring. I smiled remembering that Mike fell asleep with his semi hard cock nestled between my asscheeks. I responded by moving my ass around a bit so he could get in further. He held me closer to his chest and purred a bit. I could tell that he was still half way as

the retreat

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