Ever Rest at Evernew

"I don't right think he'll last the night, Massa. Land, I don't know what's taken' away the cream of our young men on this plantation."

"Leave me with him, Elvie. I'll see if I can give him some peace."

He watched until the woman had left the hut and then went over and silently shot home the bolt on the door. Returning to the pallet that took up much of the leaning, rough-wood cabin and was perched on a dirt floor, he looked down at the young darky who had once been

ever rest evernew

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Rest Stop Ch. 02

"My truck's just over here," the trucker said. He led me over to a huge semi with a large cabin behind the driving compartment. He opened the door to this cabin, and I saw that there was a short-lengthened twin-sized bed in it along with some shelves, a compact john, and a small refrigerator and cooking unit. The bed was covered with pillows and there were shiny hold bars on the cabin wall at either end of the bed.

"There, stretch yourself up on those pillows and get comfortable,"

rest stop

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Rest Stop Big Rig BJ

I was online and horny as usual. Tonight I had posted a message on a gay cruising .org kindda site indicating that I wanted to suck a man's cock really bad as soon as possible. My profile indicates that I am a bottom and that I love to suck cock. My profile pictures there of me in action reinforce that fact along with a couple of testimonials from men who I have been very well pleased with my abilities to pleasure men sexually. 

My mouth had been literally watering for the taste o

rest stop big rig

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