An Affair to Remember

You may just think this is another story of a man having an affair and cheating on his wife, but you see my story is different. I am cheating on my wife but I'm cheating with my wife's boyfriend. Let me start at the beginning, it seems so long ago now but has really been only a few months.

Believe me when I tell you that Sue and I were not swingers or even wild party people, we just happened to meet Shawn at a club. We went out for a quite meal and just by chance noticed the club

affair remember

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A Holiday to Remember Ch. 02

The next couple of days went over pretty much the same with the old Dave back on form whilst out with the guys, then dominating me when we got back to the privacy of our room. It was great to see him so relaxed and having fun again, even Paul and Eddie noticed the difference. It felt great inside knowing that it was me that got my best friend out of his funk. A few days later we were going at it as usual after a night out. I was on all fours with him behind. We were that into what we were doing 

holiday remember

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