The Rape Journal: Part 01

Journal Entry: 09/29/2012 (The Club)

I had been watching him for about an hour. Brown hair, hazel eyes, nice full lips, and a great ass sinfully covered in jeans. I was pretty sure he was straight, but it didn't matter, he was the perfect man for my depraved needs. All I needed, all I craved was to shove my cock up his ass whether he wanted it or not. And I know he wanted it, never mind how I know, I just do.

He came to the club alone and he didn't meet up wi

the rape part

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A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 09

After getting cleaned up and dressed, Rocco and I took a ride in the police cruisers back to the police station. Once we were fingerprinted, photographed and booked, they moved us to the back into some holding cells. Since it was already early evening on a Friday, it looked like these holding cells would be home for the weekend. Fortunately, although we were placed in separate cells, they were adjacent to each other.

We both were outraged at everything, but there was nothing we co

rape the belfry

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