Summer Rains Ch. 03

I didn't call the police.

I didn't have any information to give them, and I didn't know if Rio wanted to get the police involved. Hell, he didn't even want me involved, and if he found out that I'd called them, he might never have spoken to me again. I didn't know who this stranger was, or what he might do to Rio if he found out I'd involved law enforcement.

I know you're getting tired of hearing about my stupid and reckless decision making, but this is what happene

summer rains

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Summer Rains Ch. 01

This story was published here previously, as some of you might remember. I've decided to finish it.

Happy Holidays!



Most people who come to Rockland don't stay long. The ground is red, and when the skies are blue, people don't mind it so much, and some even think it's beautiful. They take pictures with their thousand-dollar cameras and tell each other how much Rebecca back in Sioux Falls will love the contrast

summer rains

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