Hard Time in Prison Pt. 01

The guard roughly released his arm and pushed him into the cell. The big metal door slid shut behind him and locked into place with a heavy thud. Brad had never been to prison before and this was the first moment that he wasn't being prodded/grabbed/pushed around by the guards through the various processes new inmates go through. Now he was finally by himself, looking at the cold gray concrete walls that would be his home for the next few years. Brad did his best to keep up a brave face, but at 

hard time prison

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Prison Initiation

There is something particularly humiliating about being arrested covered in cum, piss, and surrounded by big black men, especially when you were once a very well-off businessman with a simple insertion fetish. My whole private life had been exposed in a day, and it affected my professional life a great deal. My face was plastered all over the news for weeks. Obviously they weren't flashing my cum covered naked ass on the nightly news, but plenty of pictures surfaced on the Internet and were maki

prison initiation

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Another Prison Story

Thanks to all of you that provide comments and send emails. I read it all but unfortunately I'm not allowed to respond. 


My friend Craig and I were supposed to be watching each other's back but that only lasted as long as it took for him to make friends with a big dude on the bus ride to prison.

The first few hours after being in-processed into jail went fine. My three cellmates were other guys in on bullshit

another prison story

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