Power Trip Ch. 05

Colin stood in front of the toilet relieving himself through the opening at the tip of his chastity cage. He was growing used to its weight and presence, finding less discomfort from the device every day. He was happy it was Saturday and he didn't have to go to school; Colin wondered what his step-mother had in store for him, as their sexual activities were often elevated during the weekend.

Not that weekdays were uneventful; the week prior, when Colin would return from school in

power trip

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Shower Power

I sat in my room, alone, browsing through the endless list of files being served on the local network. Most of the residence was quiet, it being a Saturday night and all. I had been invited out for drinks with the others but I turned it down, I'd had some homework I needed to finish for Monday. As I scanned down the list of files, one in particular caught my eye. 


I must confess I have a strange fetish for seeing two men having sex. I

shower power

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Power Drilled

Ahh the feeling...the feeling of a juicy black cock squirting its gooey cum all over yours then...

...Then some thick, black, muscular veiny hands form an iron grip on your throbbing cock and gently moves its fist up and down until you shoot your warm, gooey spunk all over his charcoal black bristly facial hairs. You can feel each individual hair follicle brushing gently against your aching cock head as you thrive in the sensations derived from it. It's a delightful feeling. His v

power drilled

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