Possessed by a Dream Ch. 07

The room was hot, I could feel beads of sweat rolling down my back. Beside me, Luke still sniffled and shook but I didn't have the guts to touch him.

"Please let me go."

I gave Luke's pleading eyes a furtive glance but pussied out quick and fidgeted with the corner of the sheet. Fuck, his eyes had changed colour. Already.

"I can't, Luke. It's too late for that." I muttered bitterly, not daring to wonder how brutal the night had been for him.

possessed dream

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Possessed by a Dream Ch. 03

Author's Note:

Hopefully if you're reading this series for the first time you will have noticed on my profile page a note begging you not to read chapter 2B if you were looking for a continuation. If you didn't happen to, I'm sorry. I hope you enjoy the new chapters anyway, as they pick up from the end of chapter 2.

Thanks again to Tap04950 for your editing prowess, your input has been most welcome.


Some part of me w

possessed dream

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