Guilty Pleasures

Part of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong


Jake and Simon were focussed on the afternoon's football game when they emerged from their hotel bedroom and there was no mention of what had taken place between their dads the previous night. Guy was his usual bright and breezy self, but I was feeling more subdued: troubled by the knowledge of what we had done together and plagued by regrets about how far I had allowed myself to go.

guilty pleasures

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The Dirty Pleasures Incident

For those who see the humor in life, and believe in love, sex, and fireflies.

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It was 12.19 a.m.

He stood on the sidewalk in front of the Easy Cleaners, glancing furtively left and right, making sure he wasn't followed. The moon shone sun bright and full in the sky and he was cast in deep shadow beneath the umbrellas of the tables th

the dirty pleasures incident

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