Star Player

John Rivers had worshipped Champ Griffin for years, ever since John had begun devoting every waking moment to soccer—on the field, in his discussions with his friends, and in the décor he picked for his bedroom walls. Champ Griffin, the star player for the Big Chiefs professional soccer team, figured prominently in every single poster John had on his bedroom wall. Champ Griffin's cocky smile and his magnificently developed body had been the last thing John had seen when he turned out his light a

star player

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Hooking the Hockey Player Ch. 02

I write in fits and starts, my longer paid projects receiving top priority during the day so this remains a sleepless night activity. I do have the whole series mapped out: currently with around 7 chapters in all. I appreciate the kindness that I received for the first chapter and hope you continue to enjoy. Again, everyone is above 18 and the characters are male. Thanks, Artie. 

The next day, I pulled into the parking lot as the bell announced classes were

hooking the hockey player

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Hooking the Hockey Player Ch. 06

This the second to last chapter, we've jumped ahead in time and while the other stories were written chronologically this one is written in flashbacks. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it. If you would be interested... I am considering writing the first chapter again from Owen's perspective (only the first chapter). Let me know if you are into this idea. Artie


January in Buffalo is the worst. I don't hate the snow; I've been known to make a pretty awe-inspi

hooking the hockey player

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Player Light

I walk with my hands in my sweater's pocket and the hood on. As usual the lights go off since its closing time. The smell of the dumpster disturbs me but it will only be for a minute until I reach the door. Normally there's always two or three teenagers smoking nearby but today the space between the bar and the motel is empty.

I've offered him my service since after I graduated. A week before I snuck in with a fake ID and he caught me because I definitely do not look 21, I barely

player light

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