Steadily Shown His Place

The story that follows is, for the most part, true. It is part one of a real experience that took place over several years. I have filled in or slightly modified some details, and of course changed the names.

To be honest I don't really remember how it started. It was a craigslist post, I don't remember if I responded to his or he responded to mine. We got in to an email exchange, both of us interested in doing something but neither in an 'I need to get some in the next two

steadily shown his place

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I Finally Found My Place

I live in a small city but visiting gay bars and cruise sites is not an option. Most of these are in the vicinity of the regular hotspots. The thought of being seen and labeled when I have not even figured out what I am feeling and where I belong was terrifying to me. I was not looking to live a lifestyle or fall in love with a man. I truly longed for the closeness of a woman. But those damn images of male bodies keep dominating my thoughts and fantasies. It became useless to try to suppress the

finally found place

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Showing a Black Man His Place

Showing A Black Man His Place In Life

I had been on line all day long looking for someone to hook up with. Just when I though it would be another wasted Saturday I received four messages in a row from four different guys who had read my on line ad: "Husky Bear Seeks To Drain You Dry. Recently divorced 52 year old man looking to come to you, drop to my knees and do anything I'm told to orally to please you."

I opened the first response. It contained three phot

showing black man his place

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I Learn My Place Ch. 02

As I knelt meekly before John, my mind was reeling from the discovery that I was not the only one who was in thrall to his gorgeous body. Frankly, during the whole time that I was carrying on with him - submitting to him - I actually hadn't been thinking about my wife. The effect he had on me was so powerful that it seemed to sever any connection between him and my "normal" life. When I was serving him, it was as if I was in another world. I could only wonder what my wife's reaction would be ...

learn place

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