My Yearly Physical


Today was the day of my annual physical exam. Ordinarily, that would be of no concern. I am a healthy, 5 ' 10"; 180 pound, male with no significant bad habits that would influence my overall health. However, today, I had some anxiety associated with the exam and that stemmed from the previous year's physical.

The anxiety came from the fact that I think my physician, Dr. Joll, made a pass at me. Actually, it was a lot more than a simple pass. It happene

yearly physical

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The Physical Therapist

This is my very first story on this site. Please let me know what you think.


Dr. Thomas caught up with Bill in the hallway. "Hey Bill. If you're not too busy, do you think you could give my patient a quick PT consult?"

Bill was the only physical therapist who worked at the medical practice. He looked down on his clipboard to see if he had any patients to see next.

"Actually, I don't have to see another patient until an hou

the physical therapist

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A Physical Connection

Being a 22 year old virgin was a pretty harsh fate to swallow. I'd just finished my first relationship. She managed to coax me into kissing her, but that is as far as I got.

The chat room was lively that night, but not everyone was talking. I was a lurker. I loved to just sit back and watch the conversation flow. I knew no one and did not contribute. Every now and then a bot would message me, trying to get me to check out "her" webcam. These conversations quickly became absurd due

physical connection

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