Perfect Stranger

I met him in an online chat room and within 20 minutes we were telling each other our deepest secrets and which way we preferred to get or give sex. I think it was my suggestion to go over to his place, but he was not against the idea and before you knew it I was scribbling his address and door code on the pad next to the computer. 

It took me all of 10 minutes to drive over and another 3 to get into the building and up to his condo. Within those short minutes in the elevator I ha

perfect stranger

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The Perfect Party

Ty and I laughed as we walked down the hall of the hotel floor. It had been a great bachelor's party. Being the best man I had been nervous that something would go wrong, but the night had gone perfectly. Ty and I were more than friends - we had been best friends since 1st grade. Ty and Brandon, Brandon and Ty, we were always together. Yet, physically, we were nothing alike. 

I was about 5'10" and white. I had brown hair that curled and a thin build. I had a few tattoos and some p

the perfect party

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Picture Perfect Ch. 03

"Are you sure you want me to be here for this?"

He was sprawled across the bed in a posture that was an obvious attempt to look casual and careless, but I knew Aleksi well enough by now--he was posing for me, and delighting in being looked at. I couldn't help but look and appreciate. He was blissfully naked, with his white-blonde hair spilling around his pillow in gleaming cascades. Icy blue eyes fixed on me dreamily as he asked the question.

"Of course," I replied,

picture perfect

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Picture Perfect Ch. 02

After one night with Aleksi, it was bizarre trying to adjust to regular life. I felt as if I'd been on a long, luxurious vacation, and going back to the everyday grind was almost soul-crushingly disappointing. I was working with a team repairing and maintaining gas lines beneath an old apartment building. It was gloomy, filthy work, and my mind was far away. It was playing my night with Aleksi on repeat.

Once a few days had passed, and the memories weren't quite as fresh, I wonder

picture perfect

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