Brambleton Ch. 02: Study and Party

"What? Studying on a beautiful Sunday morning?"

Caught by surprise, Matt slipped the letter into the center drawer of his dorm desk and looked up at the door to see that his sometimes roommate, Perry Fitzhugh, was standing in the open doorway, dressed to the nines in his polo outfit. Matt hadn't even known what a polo outfit was—high leather boots rising to something similar to what he'd read were jodhpurs, a tight cotton T-shirt, and a little rounded helmet—until two weeks previo

brambleton study and party

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Brod: Meat Party

Sarkopheros Says: 

Been awhile since the last Brod. Guess that's the issue with writing more than one storyline. At least until I manage to get more control of my schedule.

Anyway, I decided to break it up with a gay story. Well, like 99% gay. There are women around, but for the most part it is gay.

Expect the usual Brod tropes. Cum inflation, hyper cocks, cock worship, only now with buttsex and fellatio and stuff.

meat party

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My First CMNM Party

When I was in my 20s, I worked as a figure drawing model for art classes and private groups. I am now writing about these experiences. 

My wife and I were both graduate students. We lived in a very affluent university town. To make extra money, I worked as a nude model.

One day at a private drawing group, after I had finished my last pose, a new man in the group approached me before I had even had a chance to put on my robe. His name was Paul, and he asked if I cou

first cmnm party

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The Cast Party

I could not have been in any steamier place or time for my sexual awakening. Bangkok, Thailand, in the eighties was sin city extraordinaire. Anything went there; everything was tolerated. It was a mai bin rai ("nevermind; whatever, it's OK") place, and everything was not only tolerated, but it also was on offer—and almost always for free or at a very good price. And it was an innocent time. The mellow follow-on years after the hippy era of "if it feels good, do it" and before anyone had ever hea

the cast party

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Black Cock Party Ch. 11

Since my New Year's Day threesome with Vinny and Dante, it wasn't until that weekend until I saw either of them again. It was actually Sunday afternoon before classes started back up on that Monday when I called their room. Dante answered the phone.

"Dude, I'm glad you called," Dante said. "Where you been? Vin's at Cherise's crib and I got the whole place to myself. Was you wantin to come over and get some of this black dick?"

I laughed as I answered, "Actually I d

black cock party

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Garden Party

What is it about cock? Ever since Alex reawakened my lust for it, I couldn't get enough, and, lately, it seemed like every guy felt the same.

I was always pee shy. If there was someone else in the restroom I just couldn't go, and all because I was stifling my desire for cock.

"What if he looks at my dick? What if I look at his?" I was always so worried. Well, the answer was, if he looks at my dick, he probably wants to suck it, and, if I look at his, it means the sa

garden party

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The Perfect Party

Ty and I laughed as we walked down the hall of the hotel floor. It had been a great bachelor's party. Being the best man I had been nervous that something would go wrong, but the night had gone perfectly. Ty and I were more than friends - we had been best friends since 1st grade. Ty and Brandon, Brandon and Ty, we were always together. Yet, physically, we were nothing alike. 

I was about 5'10" and white. I had brown hair that curled and a thin build. I had a few tattoos and some p

the perfect party

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The Porker Party

It was Saturday afternoon and Dan and I were leaning against my car in the driveway talking. My next door neighbor Todd was having porker game tonight. I had never played cards with any of the guys from around here and Dan was giving me the scoop on the players. The whole time we were talking he had a sly smile on his face, I couldn't guess why, he just smiled and said I would enjoy tonight.

At 8:00 I told Shirley I'd see her later, she gave me a quick kiss and jokingly told me I

the porker party

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Black Cock Party Ch. 15

My friends and I got back from spring break on that Friday before school started back up on the next Monday, so we could have a few days to relax. That evening, I went back to my place and crashed. I was surprised to get a call from Vinny, not Dante, in the morning about 11. 

He asked me to come over to his dorm early, about 6pm. He said he had a surprise for me and was ready to get "freaky." Of course that excited me and made me so anxious that I went over to the adult store to g

black cock party

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Black Cock Party Ch. 13

The next several weeks went by and spring was getting closer. It was business as usual as I would give either Dante or Vinny a blowjob or an occasional fuck but the next major session came one Saturday night after one of Dante's games. Dante was supposed to double date with Vinny and Cherise but something had come up and she couldn't make it so I was his backup plan. I was actually at a friend's apartment when Dante called and wanted to pick me up. 

He picked me up in his SUV abou

black cock party

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