Boxers and Panties Ch. 01

Boxers and Panties!

Chapter 1

Vol 6 of the Omega Fraternity Series!

TJ Ryder


(author's preface: In the old gay magazine Blueboy from the 70's was an account of a white student at a black athletic powerhouse college, (which I will call Bolus but you football fans will know what it is), and of its accepting white pledges! One of whom wrote an account of his experiences in a mostly black, closeted jock fraternity.

boxers and panties

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Sandra's Panties


I was working at a resort in the Mojave Desert -- the middle of nowhere. The nearest town was an hour away. It was a popular destination resort, especially for Europeans and Asians. I was a bartender and made good money -- that's why I was there. It was the kind of place where you were happy to be working at night because there was nothing else to do anyway. There was a golf course that the employees could play for free, so at least I had something to do during the

sandra's panties

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