Guy's Night Out Ch. 03

Dave went back into his bedroom with his phone. I was sitting on the the couch thinking about what Dave said. Why would he have to call Rick? I was confused.

Dave came out of the bedroom wearing a pair of black boxers and set his phone down on the table. "Rick will be here in 15, maybe 20 minutes." he said.

This wasn't making any sense. "Why? What was this bet you guys made?" I asked.

Dave smiled. "Well, after our little rendezvous in the parking lot

guy's night out

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Stepping Out in Faith: Epilogue


Marcus' heart was beating so fast, he thought it would pop right out of his chest. But then Andy squeezed his hand tightly and Marcus immediately felt his nerves settle to a manageable level. Marcus snuck a peak at Andy out of the corner of his eye. It had been two years almost to the day that Andy had confessed everything at the gay pride parade, two years of laughter and tears, of triumphant moments and of infuriating arguments. Life was messy, but Mar

stepping out epilogue

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Stepping Out in Faith Ch. 02

Dear Reader, 

Thanks for the great comments. I'm so glad that you like this story. Here's chapter two, hope you like this one just as much. Please let me know!


Hudson Bartholomew


Stepping Out in Faith - Chapter 2

Andy was hit by a wall of sound and sweat as he stepped inside the nightclub one week later. He had spent the entire week since the disastrous

stepping out faith

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Turned Out on a Bet Ch. 04

Of hot rods and men

I was scared. Wait a minute, brave soldier! The whole plan was to disconnect from Kovachek, anyway! All I have to do is go through with the plan, team him up with Major Cadbury, and (gulp!) all my troubles will be over.

A cold wind blew through the room. Everything so far required only a little political maneuvering and a lot of physical sweat. Matchmaking two "thinks-the-other-is-straight" senior-ranking sol

turned out bet

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Turned Out on a Bet Ch. 03

In which the best-laid clans of men often go astray

The Seventh-Inning Stretch

How does the saying go?--The balls have reasons that reason itself knows not of? I was in a funk. Mess hall coffee tastes even worse when your head spins with an impossible scheme. It was a simple question, really: How do I stretch the asshole of an unsuspecting sergeant? It's not something simple, like askin

turned out bet

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Turning Out The Blind

As I look back on my coaching career, I can't help but smile. I have a respectable record of wins and season trophies, a long list of young men trained as sportsmen, and a couple of Most Valuable Teacher awards. I also keep a private list of names and telephone numbers.

Men, you see, come in three varieties, and three only: * Curious (wants to try sex with a man, eager to suck a cock, maybe get fucked--a bottom) * Confident (knows how hot man-sex can be but wants to "preserve his

turning out the blind

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Out of Town Encounter

Whenever I travel I know I am going to be horny, and I may get to "stretch my arms" a little... explore my "darker side" that must stay hidden whenever I am home. I generally like the "usual porn". Occasionally, though, I may veer off the main stream a little and open my mind for more interesting attractions. 

One of the first things I do when I get settled into the hotel (as "settled in" as you can get at a hotel) I open the phone book and browse the local entertainment venues. B

out town encounter

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The Truth will Out

Again, thank you to those that have taken the time to read and comment on my stories so far. Your comments, good and bad, have been much appreciated. I still have a few more stories to tidy up and post and when that is done I shall embark on some new stories so please keep reading and (hopefully) enjoying.



The Truth Will Out.

It had been a hard week at work and I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I calle

the truth will out

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Bottomed Out

I used to peruse the personal ads on a particular website every few weeks. It's not so much that I was desperately looking for love as I was simply lonely, in a new town and a few months out of a failed relationship. One day, two weeks ago, as I was browsing the females-seeking-males ads, and finding no one of any interest, I noticed that the site had a section entitled "casual encounters." Slightly guilty, and slightly embarrassed, but very much needing human contact, I clicked over to the casu

bottomed out

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What to Do When the A/C Is Out

My room mate and I had been out on a pub crawl with a bunch of friends when we realized well after midnight that we were the only ones left standing, so we jumped in a cab and went home.

When we opened the door we were hit with a wall of heat! The A/C had quit again. As we both knew what to do, I went to the fridge stripping off my shirt to get some cold ones.

When I got to the couch he was down to his underwear and rolling a fat joint. Handing him a cold one, I st

what when the a/c out

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