Our Fantasy Weekend

This is our fantasy

I met him on a gay networking site . I had been looking at and posting picture for a few weeks when I saw his picture. I was immediately turned on by his smooth body and gorgeous ass. Of course, I requested him as a friend and after a while, anxiously awaiting his response, I saw that he approved my request. We chatted back and forth a few times, he is so cute. I decided to test the water, so to speak, and sent him a little info about me. He told me a little mo

our fantasy weekend

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Exploring Our Fantasy

We found his ad on Craigslist. He was coming to our hometown and was looking for a fun couple to hang out with. After chatting with him online for a few weeks, we decided to at least meet him for a few drinks. We figured we should see if we "click" in person. 

Tonight was the night. I watched you shower and noticed the extra attention you gave yourself. The way you groomed your pussy. (You like your hair short and trimmed. The "erotic adult" look as you call it.) You dressed in yo

exploring our fantasy

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Our New Naked Adventure–Skeet Bonds

I'd been thinking a lot about the times we'd shared with Roger and Linda, how intimate we'd gotten with them so fast. Back when I was single and dating, that usually spelled doom for a relationship, climbing in bed way too early in the relationship. But with this it was new. One, we are all adults. Two, we're 2 couples, and not dating. Three, all of us mature, intelligent people, with good common sense about us. Cindy was loving having a new friend in Linda, and she also seemed to be loving the 

our new naked adventure–skeet bonds

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