Oral Friends Ch. 05

Oral Friends Five – Double Suck 

This is the fifth story in the Oral Friends series. Each story stands on its own I believe but the characters carry through them all and sometimes incidents from previous stories are mentioned. This story is pure fantasy, as have all my previous ones been. I've been very pleased with the reception my stories have received. Thanks to all who have emailed or commented publicly. It is because of your feedback that authors continue to write.<

oral friends

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An Oral Fixation

For Nicole.

Quinn Reed had been in love with Cooper Bradshaw for 2 years, 4 months, 19 days, 3 hours, and 42 minutes. He knew the exact time, down to the very minute, because he'd thought about it constantly pretty much every day since. In his head he referred to it as The Moment of Realization. They were sitting in their Digital Visual Effects class a couple months into their sophomore year at the University of Utah when suddenly Professor Yamura told an off-color j

oral fixation

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Health 101 -- Male Oral Ch. 02

Health 101 -- Male Oral, Part II

The next class period came around and attendance was 100%, as expected. Students do NOT cut my class.

"Good morning, Class," I began.

"Good Morning, Professor Crumpet," they dutifully replied.

"Does everyone have a review of the last homework assignment?" I asked.

Murmured assent and the rustling of papers. "You may pass them forward," I instructed. I quickly matched names with the attenda

health 101 male oral

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My Oral Desires Finally Come True

There had been a few responses to my ad before D's, but there was something about each -- something impersonal and a bit too eager -- that had made me wary about responding to any of them.

And then came D's reply. There was something trustworthy in his tone. Patient. Not trying to rush things, but from the start, determined to be sure that I was myself comfortable following through with what I had proposed.

What I had proposed was the culmination of 23 years nurturi

oral desires finally come true

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