Onus 04

* I was unprepared for this story.

Classes, exams, 2 weeks without a computer, as well as a particularly frustrating writer's block all contributed, and for those I will not apologize.

What I WILL apologize for, is that I have another story that I've been working on. A new one. 86 pages on a Pages document. Every minute that I spent writing this new story (which will be called Blue, Like the Shell of the World) Was a minute that I should have been working on Onus


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Onus 05

*Whelp. This makes things awkward.

A wonderful thing happened to me, starting three days ago.

Ladies and gentlemen and readers of indiscriminate or expanding gender...

I... am on a JAG.

Writer's block is as common and frustrating as fender-benders, taxes, common colds, headaches, insomnia, period cramps, and many many other things.

But ladies, gents, etc... A writing JAG is a beautiful thing, with feathers.


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