I Only Wanted to Watch

Brandon had told me that if I wasn't going to move to a new, all-the-way level with him, he was going to a gay bar and would bring someone back to the dorm with him. He said he couldn't take the frustration any longer. I thought he had been joking, that he was as scared about this as I was. But there they were, entering the door from the street and moving toward Brandon's room at the other end of the suite in the middle of the night, having awakened me from a light sleep when Brandon's friend kn

only wanted watch

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By Appointment Only

Well, it was time to close down the model apartments. With the weather being stormy throughout the day with wind, rain, and biting cold, it had been a quiet and rather boring day. The high-percentage sales staff sat this day out knowing that there wouldn't be too many prospective buyers, so as the newest and youngest salesperson on staff, I was pretty much left to myself today. Sure, I had lots of freedom to surf the porno sites on the computer, but that only seemed to make my being alone worse 

appointment only

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Only a Custodian

"And a ten-inch cock."

"You're shitting us now," Oliver said.

"Yes, I'm shitting you," Porter answered. "But, really, I would want him to have a nice cock on him."

"Well, high on my list is that he has to be willing to take out the trash without being asked to," Adrian interjected.

"And put the toilet seat down too?" someone asked. They all laughed.

"No, thank god," Adrian answered when he'd finished laughing. "We'd have

only custodian

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First and Only

"Yes, hold just like that, please. You pose well."

"As well I should," Philip answered as he put an arm up to lean on the frame of the door out to the balcony. All he was wearing was an opaque dress shirt, unbuttoned and gaping open, which was made even more opaque—luminous even—by the backlighting of the sun beyond the balcony of the eleventh-floor, Darlinghurst, Sydney, apartment. Philip's trim, well-muscled, but not overly so, blond body was gorgeous in its smooth-muscled sculp

first and only

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8 Inches And Up Need Only Respond

It was Friday night at a local gay club and my friend had to leave to meet up with some other other people. We said our goodbyes and I stayed to finish my drink. I stood near the entrance looking at the go-go boys dancing on the bar, flipping their underwear down to expose their cock to the old perverts. I finished off my drink and was about to leave when my eye caught a cute guy near the bar, hanging out with a group of friends. I decided to try my luck and walked towards him, brushing my hand 

inches and need only respond

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