Captain's Obsession

The invitation was engraved, which of course it would be, but it was addressed to me specifically. One open invitation to the consulate staff and then this separate one for only me. I was only the U.S. vice consul in Naples, Italy. So why my own invitation? I separated it out and slipped it into my suit coat pocket as I moved toward the consul's office. Alice would not be pleased if she saw that I'd gotten a specific invitation and she, the consul, hadn't. But when I got to Alice's office, she o

captain's obsession

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Nailed by Obsession

He had become obsessed with me. The party was large and boisterous, and our eyes met across the room and he gave me a brilliant smile. A short time later, he sat down beside me with people swirling all around us and put his hand on my thigh and gave me that brilliant smile again. I tipped my glass to show I needed a refill and glided away from him, not wanting to make a scene. Not long after that, he trapped me in an alcove and kissed me on the lips and put a hand on my crotch. He managed to whi

nailed obsession

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