Group Fun at the Nude Beach

Last week I drove down from Los Angeles to San Onofre Beach. My cock was thumping the entire drive down, getting harder and harder as we got closer and closer. I pull into the park and drove for what seemed like forever until I made it to the trailhead.

I hiked down to the beach and noticed a few guys on their way back up. I could tell that they were just at the nude beach by their blissful faces. I just smiled and glanced at the outlines of the half hard erections showing through

group fun the nude beach

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Naked, Not Nude

About the time the top-down convertible stopped just down the road, waiting for him to catch up, Brady realized who it was. He should have been faster on the uptake, he thought. Who, other than the guy living five houses down from his parent's house in Titusville, Florida, owned a restored, cherry-red 1967 Impala SS convertible? Of course, what could he do other than walk up to the car? Dive into the bushes? The guy had stopped to give him a lift.

Brady's dad had made him stop mow

not nude

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