Arabian Nightmare Ch. 02

WARNING: This series depicts acts of cruelty and non-consensual sex. 


Oka pulled me onto his cot. I tried to fight but he was too strong. He pushed me on my back then knelt between my legs. His powerful hands grabbed my ankles and pulled them apart and pushed them over my head. I felt cool air on my exposed anus then I felt his monster cockhead press against my opening.


arabian nightmare

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Arabian Nightmare Ch. 01

I had two reasons to celebrate: it was my 21st birthday and I was finally leaving hell-on-earth—Saudi Arabia. I was in the customs line at the airport and couldn't wait to get on the airplane.

The past year meant nothing to me except now I could go home and afford to put myself through college. One year of hard work and solitude; I drove a road-grader 10-12 hours-a-day and spent the evenings reading in the library at the compound where I was living.

I even taught my

arabian nightmare

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