Guy's Night Out Ch. 03

Dave went back into his bedroom with his phone. I was sitting on the the couch thinking about what Dave said. Why would he have to call Rick? I was confused.

Dave came out of the bedroom wearing a pair of black boxers and set his phone down on the table. "Rick will be here in 15, maybe 20 minutes." he said.

This wasn't making any sense. "Why? What was this bet you guys made?" I asked.

Dave smiled. "Well, after our little rendezvous in the parking lot

guy's night out

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A Winter's Night Ch. 02

I gazed at Daddy's succulent balls, stared as my hands massaged ever so close to the object of my desires, watched as his right hand gently grasped hold of his tremendous girth, lifting its meaty head, gasped as he began to gently graze it across my mouth, my tongue involuntarily darting out to moisten my dry anticipating lips.

My earlier hesitation was replaced with a raw, almost animalistic need. Incapable of speech, all I could do was emit a deep guttural moan of desire as his

winter's night

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My Bi Night

I couldn't help but watch the clock on my wall. I was supposed to meet Alex at his place at 8:30, and time seemed to be standing still. The thought of his smooth tanned body, and his wet mouth and willing ass were driving me wild!

Weeks earlier, being young, horny, bi and bored, I had posted an ad for some no-strings man-sex on a popular website. Out of the dozens of responses I got, Alex's stood out. Maybe it was due to the very hot pics he sent, or just the fact that he could sp


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Rainy Emo Night Ch. 01

It was late and raining. The forecast had the rain tapering off and cooling later that night, but for now it was still raining hard. I had just gotten home from my job, closing up the piercing parlor for the night. It wasn't too busy, it never was when it was raining. I drummed my chipped black nail polished fingernails on the outside of the fridge. I had the door open staring into it, the light from inside lit up a rather dark half kitchen in the apartment. I sighed, a half case of beer, a cart

rainy emo night

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A Wandering Hand in the Night

**at all relevant times all parties involved were 18 or older**

This is a true story, written to the best of my recollection.


So my first time with a guy happened around 10 years ago. At that time, my friends (who were all about the same age) and I were into a specific kind of music. One of my friends started bringing this other guy around, we will call him "Nate." It was kind of odd because "Nate" was several years older, and didn't seem

wandering hand the night

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My First Night of Sex Ch. 01

Last week, I had finally taken the plunge and gave my first blow job to the most amazing cock one could imagine. I enjoyed it so much that I went back for more the following three nights. 

To set a little background, I had posted that I was looking for a large cock to suck with no strings attached, and the first fellow I met, Bill, fit the bill to a tee.

Little did I know that things would speed up at such a rapid pace. I was really getting mesmerized by this great

first night sex

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Business Trip - Second Night

The second night. . . 

I awoke the next morning with only the slightest of hangovers from lastnight's beer. I smelled like dried cum, which was caked on my cock, and stale pee and beer. A quick run thru the shower, this time for washing me not for playing in, and all the usual morning ambulations. Within a short time I was ready to head down to breakfast.

As part of this software conference, the sponsors had set up a breakfast buffet, and were hoping that the attend

business trip second night

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A Special Night at Bill's

I had seen Bill for massages several times. On each of those occasions we had ended with me sucking him while he brought me off with his hands. I called him one day for an appointment and he said that he had a possible opening in the evening but only if I did not mind another man being there at the same time. I asked him what he had in mind but all he would say was that he felt I would enjoy it and that the other participant would certainly be happy with the idea. Knowing him as I did I agreed t

special night bill's

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A Voice From the Night World Ch. 04

I don't own The Night World or seek to profit from the ideas or characters that belong to another. The Night World belongs to the wonderful L. J Smith. I thank her for creating such a wonderful series that I can borrow for the use of my characters. 

The characters in this story are fictional and any similarities to living people are accidental. As this story contains sex between males, you need to be of legal age to be reading this story and if you don't want to be reading abou

voice from the night world

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Great Night at the Adult Theater

I have been bisexual for most of my adult life. I don't fight it anymore... I enjoy it. 

My work takes me out of town on a somewhat regular basis and I take advantage of the anonymity of big cities to engage in my second passion -- cock. (My first passion is pussy.)

Not long ago I was in Philadelphia on business and in the evening found my to an adult theater in downtown Philly. I had never been to this particular place before, and I was excited and a little bit ner

great night the adult theater

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