Alone with Nick

Nick and I had hooked up a few times in the company of our wives who were also frequent lovers. The four of us were very sexually open-minded. Nick and I had never met on our own for sex, however, because we were usually together as two couples.

One night after having concluded some business in the city, my wife called me. She had been chatting with Nick on-line. Naturally, knowing the two of them, the chat took on a sexual tone. Apparently Nick's wife was away with one of her oth

alone with nick

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Nick and Eric and a Hidden Camera

I couldn't believe this was the guy I'd be working with. I stopped in my tracks at the doorway and furrowed my brows at the script.

TWINK: [Needs to be expressive, bubbly, seductive, cute]

The description listed all of the stereotypical roles of a twink, but this guy sitting beside Dave—or should I say on the same couch as Dave, as they were by no means near each other—was anything but. Dave insists upon introducing his actors in his house beforehand, to sort of bre

nick and eric and hidden camera

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