Never Knew what was Next Door

I was having Chrissy over for dinner. Chrissy is tall, thin, attractive brunette. We were just friends, but to be more accurate I should say I was deep in the friend zone with her. I was never good with girls and so I got used to her getting with other guys while keeping me as her friend. Over time Chrissy has confessed to me multiple times she's primarily into athletic black men, as some sort of taboo thing or something, so I didn't really think I was ever going to get anywhere with her anyway.

never knew what was next door

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Cub's Next Massage Adventure

The cub's exploring continues with another sensual massage...

After enjoying my first sensual massage as much as I did, I headed back to the sites to read more reviews of other masseurs to see who I might consider trying next. I found someone who was about a year younger than me that caught my interest. I would have to travel a bit further this time, but hoped it would be worth the trip.

I again tried reaching out to this masseur via email to ask a few questions. He

cub's next massage adventure

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The Next Morning

I awoke slowly, my head fuzzy with the familiar throb of a hangover. Pulling the pillow off my face, I looked around my girlfriend's bedroom. Barbara's side of the bed was vacant.

What did we drink? My head ached as memories of the previous night gradually started to come together. Barbara's friend from college, Dan, had come through town on his way to a bike race and asked to crash at her place. Barbara had confessed to having a crush on Dan back in the day, but I figured it was

the next morning

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