Brambleton Ch. 08: Philly New Years

The New Year's dinner at Judge Atherton's Philadelphia mansion was, in most ways, similar to the hunt banquet Matt had, with trembling trepidation, attended plastered to Perry's comforting side at Ravensworth at Thanksgiving. The ostentatiously large and opulently furnished and decorated—still for Christmas—dining room was the same, as was the glitter of silverware, fine china, and tinkling crystal. 

There even were servants here, stealthily moving around, doling out a never-endin

brambleton philly new years

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New Horizons

Artemis was walking home when he saw a bar he didn't recognize. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity to try something new, he walked inside. Sitting at the bar stool, he ordered a drink just like at any other bar. Turning around with his drink however, he noticed that there were only guys in this bar. Not uncommon, he thought to himself until he saw the small dance floor. He tilted his head sideways. Was he seeing this correctly? All the couples on the floor were guys and a couple of them were

new horizons

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A New Form of Tech Ch. 02

A continuation of my previous story and my second one I've written.

As I said, any and all feedback is appreciated. I hope you enjoy.


I let out a long sigh, tired from filling and filling out the paperwork I had planted on my desk when I came in today. It has been over a month since my boyfriend and I had our fun with the devices, and while we still talk about it, we never have had the time to go further. We had so much on our minds that

new form tech

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The New Roomate

I was beginning my junior year at college when it happened. I had a 2 bedroom dorm all to myself for the first 2 weeks of the semester. I loved the privacy and had my girlfriend, Cindy, over whenever I wanted.

I was kicking back one late afternoon, when I got a call from Pam Clarkson at the office of university housing. She told me that another student needed a room change and that I would have share with him. She finished the call by telling me they would be over in 5 minutes.

the new roomate

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The New Slave Ch. 04

I would like to start by saying I am new to writing so I hope you don't judge me too hard on my literary naivety. Nor am I experienced in Bondage or Master Slave relationships. This story is pure fantasy from my part and is about what I find erotic and stimulating. Please bear this in mind when reading the story. I hope you find it as stimulating reading as I did writing it.


The Mall is crowded, shoppers everywhere, I hate this. I don't understand why Mom

the new slave

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New Horizons Ch. 05

I had just fucked my new friend Jim in the ass for the first time. My first guy's ass and his first time to be fucked.

He then stood over me and fucked my mouth. I was just his slut receptacle and loved it. I was sitting on the floor and he was standing over me fucking my face. I had two fingers of one hand in his ass stroking his prostate and holding his balls with the other hand. My cum was running out his ass hole and down my hand onto my arm.

I had no control o

new horizons

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The New Neighbor Ch. 02

The knock came again, louder this time—three sharp raps. Here I stood, dried come matting the hair on my chest and stomach, and a visitor at the door. I thought at first to ignore the interruption; probably a peddler or Jehovah's Witness—at 7:45 a.m.? But an instinct crept upon me, something inside telling me that this was no intrusion. I made my way silently to the front door, unlatched the dead bolt and opened the door a mere crack. To my amazement, there stood my neighbor in tee shirt and swe

the new neighbor

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New Beginnings Ch. 04

I had not heard from nor seen Steve since our original week end with Ben.

His wife Sara and I had hooked up and he had led me to think it was fine with him, but I was wondering if he was having second thoughts.

So it was with mixed emotions when I saw his name and number on my caller ID.

Answering I said: "Hi Steve what's up with you, everything OK?" I was trying to keep it light in case he was unhappy with Sara's' and my liaison.


new beginnings

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The New Neighbor

I thought it was just a coincidence, at first. I was into my morning routine: two cups of coffee and a single cigarette, the only one I smoke all day. While I enjoy the sense of tobacco I disdain the smell, nor do I inhale. Instead, I allow the smoke to linger around my mouth, then, leaning into the vertical opening of my wide kitchen window, I blow the smoke outside. I'm usually wearing only boxers or sweat pants, and I part the strip-blinds just enough so that I am barely visible to the street

the new neighbor

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New Year's Eve

The first time I ever did anything with a guy was at my friend Kate's new year's eve party shortly after my 18th birthday. It wasn't a big do; more a friends and family thing with her parents inviting their friends from the village and Kate inviting whichever of her friends were still around and not off at uni, working or travelling the world.

Kate was a couple of years older than me as were most of her friends. I had known her best friend Sarah since primary school, who was now a

new year's eve

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