The Morning After

The phone's catcall squirmed its way under the covers. The ringing passed over the hills and valleys of Aurelio's fluffy black comforter and worn green sheets. The sound found the soft corners of his skull and nestled in there, curled around itself like a small dog and settled down for the wait. 

The phone was so fucking loud, and it hurt like a son of a whore.

Aurelio groaned and floundered his way up through the covers and to his phone, left charging on his bedsi

the morning after

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Blackmailed: Morning Fuck

I was bent over, leaned against a wall. My shorts and underwear was around my ankles. I was covered in sweat from recently mowing his lawn. My shoes were grass stained and my shirt was plastered to me by sweat. But all I could think about was my neighbor as he fucked my asshole yet again. My asshole was quivering around his hard cock as it punished my insides. He had a hold of my hips and was fucking me hard and fast. Apparently he woke up horny, and why jerk off when you can fuck your blackmail

morning fuck

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Member of the Club: Morning

I awoke in the morning to find I was still in the same position, Bruce was still spooning me from behind. I saw sunlight coming through the blinds and realized we must have slept for the rest of the night. I smirked as I felt Bruce's cock was hard with morning wood. I slowly disentangled myself, so as not to wake him up...yet. I lowered my head to his cock and took it slowly into my mouth. I moaned as I slowly began to suck his hard cock. I used one hand to massage his balls and the other to tea

member the morning

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Sunday Morning


I groaned slightly at the sound.

"Micah, wake up," a voice sang to me.

I groaned again, louder this time.

"Micah, babe, you can't stay asleep all day," the sing-song voice chided me, "you have to wake up now."

"It's Sunday," I mumbled in protest.

"Exactly! It's your one day off this week, and you're wasting it by sleeping! Come on, it's pracatically noon already."

Through one half-op

sunday morning

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The Next Morning

I awoke slowly, my head fuzzy with the familiar throb of a hangover. Pulling the pillow off my face, I looked around my girlfriend's bedroom. Barbara's side of the bed was vacant.

What did we drink? My head ached as memories of the previous night gradually started to come together. Barbara's friend from college, Dan, had come through town on his way to a bike race and asked to crash at her place. Barbara had confessed to having a crush on Dan back in the day, but I figured it was

the next morning

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