That Moment

It all started fairly innocently. A casual walk in to check out the soft core skin mags. Then, wandering to the back row where the hard core mags were and taking a look. Then, what really peaked my interest was the hardcore gay stuff. Something about seeing a big masculine guy in leather getting a big fat cock fed to him made my cock stir. He looked like he was loving it, and I imagined I was him. Next was the walk to the back of the store with the video booths. I strolled in and saw slid in a 2

that moment

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Seizing the Moment

The news of Ted Robertson's auto accident, relayed to us just before we were closing up the gym for the night, was a crushing blow to Daren. I had been watching Daren work out alone for the past hour and had even spent more time than usual with him in my capacity of the trainer on duty, and I could tell that he was in a dither. Ted Robertson, a good twenty years older than Daren, had become Daren's spotting partner at the gym in support of Daren's post-high school bulking up program in preparati

seizing the moment

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