Men of Thunder

Daniel had walked a good three miles southwest on Highway 411 out of Maryville, Tennessee, southeast of Knoxville, before he decided to try what he'd been told was surefire success in getting him a hitch. He wanted to get as far away from Knoxville as fast as he could. Every time he saw a white Ford 150 truck, he nearly dove into the bushes at the side of the road until he could make out the logo on the side. He wouldn't put it past Steve to come after him even this far out of the city.

men thunder

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Men Wrestle, One Survives

With a tip of the hat to JAMES12755, who loves tattoos

When I got out of the Army, I went out on a high, so to speak. As a member of a Special Forces team, I enjoyed not only the duty itself--always in the thick of it, behind enemy lines, flying to this hot spot or that revolution--but I was proud of myself. I did my duty, served my country, maybe saved a few lives (by taking out a few terrorists).

Only had one little snag: n

men one survives

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On Loving Men Ch. 01

"Do you want the job or not—stop wasting my time—I have ten other boys I can interview—do you want the job?"

I stood there speechless; stunned. I couldn't believe my ears. His words reverberated through my mind. It was the most bizarre description of job duties I'd ever heard.

The older man had just said: "The job is dishwasher. You'll wash all dishes and pots and pans and then mop the kitchen floor. In addition to your pay, you'll receive two free meals every day.

loving men

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Thirsty Old Men Ch. 04

PreviouslyGareth was the one to answer. "No way, man. You're gonna fuckin' love it. There's this part of you, deep in your ass, whenever something touches it, you'll feel like you're gonna explode right then. And the way it feels on your asshole as it holds you open...It'll be like you're getting licked and fucked at the same time." He shook his head sadly before continuing, "Mine didn't have all those little bumps all over it, though, and it wasn't that thick.

thirsty old men

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Middle-aged Men

It had been a long week and I was looking forward to some down time. One more meeting, late Friday afternoon. I'm a representative for an office equipment firm and we were trying to break into the wider regional market in the UK. I had, therefore, been in and out of offices all week, pitching the goods. Today I was in Cardiff and would be staying there for the weekend.

I found myself in a small office upstairs in a factory building, and as it was 4pm it looked like everyone had go

middle-aged men

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Introduction to Men

Introduction to Men

I got married at an early age, 21; to the only woman I had ever fucked who was 19 at the time. She went to work after college to support us while I finished my university degree. At her work she quickly made friends, one of whom was a gay man about 35. We didn't socialize together but we did share a freezer order of beef. It was my job to pick up the beef and going to Larry's house split it up evenly, giving him his share to put in his freezer. This was the fir

introduction men

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The Factory Men

This is an erotic story about male gay sex. It focuses on the development of a relationship and doesn't get to the sex right away. But - it does get there. 


The people of the town knew just about everyone around and had known their fellow citizens for their whole lives. So the presence of two new men from the city brightened everyone's lives. And the fact that both of them worked at the factory gave everyone a chance to observe the newcomers.

the factory men

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Men of the Road Ch. 03


It was at the very early morning hour when Brent stirred slightly and felt Jake's stiff dick brush against his buttocks. Brent was barely awake lying on his left side with Jake behind him. Jake, who was still asleep, had his right arm draped over Brent's body. Brent felt Jake's erection twitch and tickle his bottom. Still well lubed form the previous night's butt fucking, Brent guided the rigid shaft into his receptive ass. Jake did not move so Bren

men the road

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The Lancaster Men

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to people living or dead or situations is purely coincidental. All persons depicted are over the age of 18 and consenting adults. 

Warnings: Includes gay incest, allusions to perceived non-con and dirty talk.

All comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy!

Also, this is a re-upload. I lost the password to my old account CarolinaDubois so I made an all new one (don't w

the lancaster men

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Girls Who Like To Watch Men Fuck

After my first encounter with Alex it took me a little while until I could fit anything back inside my ass. He'd done a great job of dominating me and using my slim body. It was a massive turn on and I contacted him again quickly to let him use me more. 

He kept mentioning how he had some friends who really got off on watching guys fuck and that he thought they'd love to see him romp my ass. I loved being dominated, which was becoming a common feature of my sex life, by this thick

girls who like watch men fuck

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