Member of the Club: Morning

I awoke in the morning to find I was still in the same position, Bruce was still spooning me from behind. I saw sunlight coming through the blinds and realized we must have slept for the rest of the night. I smirked as I felt Bruce's cock was hard with morning wood. I slowly disentangled myself, so as not to wake him up...yet. I lowered my head to his cock and took it slowly into my mouth. I moaned as I slowly began to suck his hard cock. I used one hand to massage his balls and the other to tea

member the morning

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Member of the Club: Teaching

A few weeks ago I had been requested to teach a class on sucking cock and ass rimming by James. I had scheduled everything with Dan, and now I was in the "party room" waiting for everyone to get here. I had asked James, Ken, and Alex to attend. They were happy to do so, once I told them what I had in mind. I had organized this class on the club's website, and immediately started getting RSVPs. The class was open to all members, though I expected mostly bottoms to attend, and was mandatory to the

member the teaching

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Member of the Club: Noon

I had taken a few hours nap, after my last workout with Alex, Ken, Wayne and Bruce. I woke up right in time for my previously booked oil massage. I grabbed a towel, but didn't bother with getting dressed. I walked out of my room completely naked and made my way to the massage area. I checked in and found that they were ready for me. I went into my appointed room and was quickly followed by a tanned and mouth-wateringly muscled guy. He introduced himself to me as Antione. I said hi, and we shook 

member the noon

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