Meeting in the Park 01

It was a hot and humid saturday night.

Having nothing to do and feeling a bit horny I decided to visit a local stripper bar. After a while, some drinks and dances, I was out of money and had to return home, still feeling horny if not hornier than when I left.

I was then living in front of a beautiful park and I already noticed that some couples met there, late night during the weekends, and made love in some secluded spots. As it was a bit passed midnight and the we

meeting the park

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First Meeting Ch. 02

*all references to characters, locations and events are fictional. Any similarities between this story and real life are purely coincidental*

With my mouth and tongue occupied with your dripping cock, my mind begins to take in the details of my predicament. Here I am on my knees in front of you, my lips spread into a large O by the ring gag fastened around my neck. I am distinctly aware of the carpet under my stocking-encased knees and the toes of my high-heeled shoes in

first meeting

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Beach Meeting Leads To Bi Sex

Author's Note: This story line was submitted to me by a man who was stationed in Naples for two years. He asked that I use the story line and write about his bisexual experience. All the names used are fictitious. Hopefully I did the story line justice.


It was the summer of 1960 and Cliff was stretched out on the rocks on a beach not far from Naples, Italy. Cliff was in the armed forces stationed in Naples for two years. He liked to go to the bea

beach meeting leads sex

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Meeting Sam

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

I had been accepted into graduate school during my final semester of college. I wasn't sure what I could do with my dual degrees in history and politics, but I knew there wasn't much. So, I did what any other reasonable young man would do and I decided to further my education and earn a masters degree in history (as if there was something I could do with that). Regardless, I've always imagined becoming: Dr. J. P. Harrington.

I said goodbye

meeting sam

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Meeting New Friends

We just got done with a pickup softball game that I played in when I happened to be walking by when they were starting.

We went over to one of the guys' house and soon our talk turned to sex and the porn came out. Soon guys started taking out their cocks and stroking them. I couldn't help but stare at the nice hard cocks and my mouth started to water and my virgin hole started to throb.

I started staring at one cock in particular. It was a good 9-10 inches long, cu

meeting new friends

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Meeting Steve..

I was traveling to DC for some business meetings. Dinner with most of the team would take up every night. But after 9PM, I had the night to myself. Usually, I find out where the others are staying and pick a close by, but different hotel. Lets me decide when to bump into them. And leaves my free time to me....

My normal thing on the road, is to come back after dinner, strip naked and find someone who can turn me on. After I jack off nice and hard, I sleep like a baby.


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