Jason and Matt Ch. 02

Waking up was something of an ordeal for Matt. He was having a hell of a time getting his brain to function and tell him basic things, like where he was. It took a moment, but he managed to open both eyes and found himself starring at familiar blue walls. The sheets were tangled around him, and there was an indent in the pillow next to his face. Liam. Moving made his head burst into flames -- or at least he hoped that was the reason for the splitting head ache. But there was no smoke or screamin

jason and matt

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Jason and Matt Ch. 01

As they approached the house, Matt had to remind himself he'd agreed to this. He didn't want to give up on the first real relationship he'd ever had, so he was going to branch out and try some of these things Liam was into. He just hoped he could get his dick hard long enough to get it over with.

Inside, they were greeted by a nice enough looking guy with cropped brown hair and green eyes. "Paul," Liam leaned in and the two kissed each other on the cheek, leaving Matt feeling like

jason and matt

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How Matt Became My Lover Ch. 03

When I woke up that morning, the odds of me shooting semen onto the face of one of my new teammates must have been at least one thousand to one. They always said I was lucky, but not that lucky. But it had happened. I pinched myself. I wasn't dreaming.

"Sorry, I've made a bit of a mess of your face," I said, as Matt knelt on the floor with my dick in his hand and a gallon of cum on his face. "Watch out! There's some about to drip off the end of your chin."

Matt scoo

how matt became lover

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Falling for Matt

Normally I'd wake up regretfully, instantly turning over and trying to get back to sleep. Not today though. Today I was out of bed and on my feet practically before I had my eyes fully open. I felt giddy with excitement and could hardly wait for the day to get started. After a quick stretch and a glance out the window to make sure the weather suited my mood, I bounded down the stairs ready for my birthday breakfast. 

I must have been making quite a bit of noise coming down the sta

falling for matt

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