The Master Masseur

I've had a bad back for as long as I can remember. Too much running, golfing and snowboarding led to my lower back being constantly sore. With my new job, I got great insurance that covered going to a chiropractor and massage therapist. I got 12 free massages per year, and after a few months of waiting finally decided to book one at a place close to work. I drove over Friday evening and signed in at the front desk. I was hoping for a hot, young woman masseuse, so I was disappointed when a tall, 

the master masseur

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The Masseur

I started a brand-new job at COCO Beach Florida. My wife and I moved into a two-bedroom apartment not too far from my new office. I must have lifted something wrong in the move because I developed a lower-back pain. One of my co-workers suggested I met a friend of hers that was a masseur. I laughed it off, but each day the pain worsened. The pain was worsened daily; finally, I asked for the contact information of the masseur. The masseur's name was Carl. I called for an appointment setting one f

the masseur

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