Two Married Guys

My heart was pounding as I dialed the number to Don's house. Liz had taken the kids to her sister's for the weekend; I was home alone and figured it was now or never. 

"Hello?" Susan answered the phone.

"Hi Sue, Mike here. Is Don home?"

"Hi Don. Sure, just a minute. Oh, buy the way, I know Liz took the kids to her sister's for the weekend, so I you want to come over for dinner tonight, we'd love to have you."

"Thanks, that would be grea

two married guys

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My Married Friend's Son

(Part One)

I had known "Trick" (short for Patrick) since his third day. I was with Rob when he got the news that the water surrounding his second child, and first son, had broken, and I visited them all in the hospital 72 hours later.

I babysat Trick and his older sister, "Sonny" (short for Jackson), regularly while he was a toddler. Trick was often in a Cardinal red onesie, and I carried him around in my mouth as we crawled through their house. Once we argued for t

married friend's son

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Married for Third Ch. 03

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This one's for you, NH.


As it got later that Saturday afternoon Brad tried to sit and relax for a few minutes before the party, but he was too nervous. He jumped up and checked the refrigerator for the umpteenth time-okay, there was plenty of beer and soda. The bowls on the dining room table and in the living room were filled with chips and pretzels, and there were more bags of munchies in the kitchen if they ran out.


married for third

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Mind of Straight Married Cocksucker

Summary: The 10-part philosophy of a straight cocksucker. 

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on a couple years of research and conversations with straight men who are curious or are cocksuckers. Although I am female, I find a man sucking cock hot, I suppose like most men find two women hot. Thus, I thought I would, based on my many conversations with straight men (straight being a subjective term) write this rather int

mind straight married cocksucker

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Married Cocksuckers: 15 Miles #01

Thanks to Heatman833 you gave me the recall memories for this story. As most of you know, my stories are really a cross between Loving Wives and Gay male. To put it better that are about marrieds that suck cock together. There fore I will place this in GAY MALE, where all those men and women that enjoy other men sucking other men's cocks.


It was one night in the early seventies that my wife, Stephanie and I decided to walk home to the Little River area of M

married miles #01

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