The Slave of Barrington Manor Ch. 01

The black flag billowing above the school entrance stirred up feelings of confusion and dread as I walked into the courtyard. Black wasn't a very popular color for flags, it was dark and aggressive. It swept gently over the heads of the students as they filed inside, a few of the taller boys swatting it out of the way. It bore a simple design. A large white capital B lay in the middle of the flag with a white circle surrounding it. Initially confused, I then remembered what date it was, February

the slave barrington manor

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Pleasure Manor Ch. 01

Chapter 1

Beads of sweat trickled down the back of Joshua's neck, as he bent over the pump, and ran onto his back and into the crevices of his spine. As he straightened up, out of the shadows, the roaring sun beat down on his slowly bare skin and he flinched as his arm brushed the boiling metal of the car.

It was the beginning of summer and already the annual heats had arrived. Joshua had been working at the gas station for a month, since his first year at college h

pleasure manor

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