My First Time with Another Male

I was 21 years old, my sex life to that time had been miserable, I hadn't begun puberty until I was almost 16, by then of course, it was all I could think of, but getting any, was a different story. 

It was the 1960's and the world hadn't yet reached the free love stage. The pill wasn't something everyone could get hold of and condoms took a lot of courage to purchase, with the result, girls weren't all that keen to take any risks. Well that's how it was in my part of the world an

first time with another male

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How He Became A Gay Male Urinal Ch. 02

Chapter 2 On the Job training

The big day is here. It's Sunday morning and Elliott will find out for sure where he will be working as a urinal today. Uncle Richard lets him out of the cage. He empties my urine jug into the piss funnel and instructs Elliott that once we leave for my job he is not to urinate until told to do so. He has Elliott shower and clean up so he will appear as a clean urinal. He puts the collar and leash on him and attaches the urine jug to the draina

how became gay male urinal

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How He Became A Gay Male Urinal Ch. 01

The Cast of Participants

Elliott -a submissive male in his 50's who is always exploring roles and trying to find one that he would fit into. He resides in Arizona and loves serving men. Is open to exploring new roles

Uncle Richard-- is a dominant male in his mid to late 60's and he resides in California. He has corresponded with Elliott for years as a mentor and advisor. He has Elliott address him as Uncle Richard as a show of respect and so Elliott will view him as

how became gay male urinal

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Health 101 -- Male Oral Ch. 02

Health 101 -- Male Oral, Part II

The next class period came around and attendance was 100%, as expected. Students do NOT cut my class.

"Good morning, Class," I began.

"Good Morning, Professor Crumpet," they dutifully replied.

"Does everyone have a review of the last homework assignment?" I asked.

Murmured assent and the rustling of papers. "You may pass them forward," I instructed. I quickly matched names with the attenda

health 101 male oral

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My First All Male Threesome

I had three ways in college, two girls and my self and it was a lot of fun. Felt as if I didn't have enough hands to hold on to everything. I also had a girl shared between a friend and I. She never seemed to get enough cock and I will always remember the look in her eyes as she turned around taking turns sucking me and fucking him and visa versa. The two of us guys never touched each other, I don't think we even threw up a high five. 

I thought I was all straight, then after bein

first all male threesome

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A Sultan's Male Harem

This is a homoerotic story set in an imaginary sultanate called Ras al Shahar located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. The time is the late ninth century AD and the story starts in the year 870, some three hundred years after the birth of Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam. The place and characters are entirely a figment of the author's imagination whose only aim was to hold his readers interest with a fantastic homo-erotic story, set in ancient Arabia.

The Sultanate of Ras al S

sultan's male harem

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Hypnotized Male Temple Prostitute

In the last week of May, 1979, before the bogeyman Aids, and on a Friday, of course, I was laid off from work; I had already lined up a new job that didn't start until the first week of September, so I was in the perfect position to live out a purely disgusting and promiscuous summer. I am a cum slut; I have no moral conflict-I want to suck off as many cocks as possible, anonymously, one after another.

The following Monday, I made my way to the Garden Theater on the North Side to

hypnotized male temple prostitute

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Hypnotized Male Temple Prostitute Ch. 02

The second cock spewed its sticky load on my tongue as he pulled almost out of my mouth. The familiar, bitter taste lingered on my tongue as I swallowed -just as a third cock drove past my esophagus' opening and began to face-fuck me; the cock in my ass exploded as he pushed into me as far as he could go. 

The two guys set me down; my hands went to the man's thighs before me, steadying myself, and within a beat or two the bulbous head of another cock pushed and crowded its selfish

hypnotized male temple prostitute

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