Making Space

I've always been wild...the wild one in my family, at school...I regularly got grounded, got called pulled back. Maybe it was just timing but I learned a valuable lesson my 12th church. My family is religious. One sunny Sunday at church, I couldn't sit still. The fidgets and squirms were constant. My mom hand me in her grip. I saw birds swirling and squirrels chasing each other. 

"Mom, can I be excused?"

She shot me a look that let me know I wa

making space

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Making Space Ch. 02

I flopped over, the bedroom was stuffy...I looked out the door and Sam hadn't moved...his load still shined in the light from the window over the futon. Rob had tossed off the blanket. I slid outta bed and opened the curtains on my bedroom window, opening it to the night air...and light. Sam turned his face towards me as I lay back down and gave me a thumb up.

I felt the buzz in my body...Rob shifted and they chuckled for some reason. I fell asleep. My achy cock jumped on my belly

making space

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Making It with a Coloured Guy Called Jason

"Pete is a good guy, he told me about you, that you are really a great fuck!"

"You make me sound like a prize bull or something," I replied, being so delighted that Pete's mate Jason came up to expectations. I had never been with a coloured guy before.

When Pete asked if it was okay for him to recommend me to Jason, he having showed me a picture of him in his swimming gear, it is not always the real thing looks that good, But Jason came up to all my expectations.

making with coloured guy called jason

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Making Up For Lost Time

Master had not seen me in some time. I was worried that he had forgotten me...was I not good enough? Had I displeased him? Worse still, my biggest fear; had he found someone else...someone more able to meet his needs? The fear played on my mind for almost all of the three months that Master had disappeared from my life. The hollow I felt was indescribable. My very identity was diminished.

Little had I known that this was part of Master's plan.

He arrived one day. I

making for lost time

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The Making of a Kingpin Ch. 03

This chapter is very different from the previous two as is reflected by the categorisation. It mainly focuses on Scott, Troy's brother. Please note this piece is fantasy not reality and should not be seen to condone any of the behaviour described. All characters are aged 18 or over. Feedback welcomed, please let me know if you have ideas for future chapters.


As I watched the bevy of scantily clad cheerleaders enter the room my reaction could not have be

the making kingpin

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