College: On the Down Low

The whole floor was packed, people all over the place. College students at Temple University were partying their asses off on a wild Thursday night. After a long day Brandon headed to his dorm room. It has been tiring days, working with the basketball team. Long days and hot nights is how it has been for Brandon. With class, studying and being on the basketball team, Brandon had no time to himself. 

Off the court, he had to deal with hoe-ass cheerleaders on his dick, but he had no

the down low

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Low Inhibitions

When I'm horny even as much as a heterosexual male as I am the idea of having another man take me raises its ugly head.

I remember it started so innocently. I don't know how old I was but I know even now that it started with pornography. I loved women and I loved looking at women. It didn't matter if they were white, black, Asian or Latin as long as they had a nice rump and sweet features I'd lay on my stomach rubbing against the sheets with their images before me until I came.

low inhibitions

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