On Loving Men Ch. 01

"Do you want the job or not—stop wasting my time—I have ten other boys I can interview—do you want the job?"

I stood there speechless; stunned. I couldn't believe my ears. His words reverberated through my mind. It was the most bizarre description of job duties I'd ever heard.

The older man had just said: "The job is dishwasher. You'll wash all dishes and pots and pans and then mop the kitchen floor. In addition to your pay, you'll receive two free meals every day.

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His Loving Beauty Ch. 02

Even though the penetration hurt like hell most of the time that first night, despite Damon's tender loving, the sex was still incredibly fulfilling. It was the way Damon's body on top of mine completely immobilized me as I lay on my stomach. It was how he consoled me with sweet whispers into my ear, telling me, "I got you, babe," while pumping in and out of me. It was even amazing because of the way it hurt; the pain itself was proof to me that I was his. It was the the simple fact that Damon w

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His Loving Beauty Ch. 03

NOTE: I hope this chapter isn't too kinky for those of you who enjoyed the first two chapters, but if it is, I encourage you to read it anyway even if only for the plot resolution.


What happened after that Super Bowl weekend taught me a lot. The most amazing thing to me was not just that Damon committed to loving me; it was how smoothly and comfortably he slipped right into living openly in a gay relationship with me. I'd had so many worries and fears a

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His Loving Beauty Ch. 04

Note: This is a very short story that goes back in time, between chapters 2 and 3. Also, I always appreciate feedback but sadly I will probably not be able to read any for this story for a while because I'm moving today and will have very limited internet access, which is also why it's unlikely I will write more for a very long time, if at all. But I hope you enjoy this story. Peace and love be with all of you eternally.

I had been living with Damon since ou

his loving beauty

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His Loving Beauty

I'd just gotten back from the bookstore with some new intellectual material I was excited to explore. As I was finding the key to unlock my door, a deep voice from behind me asked, "Just moved in?"

I turned around to respond but I was caught off guard by the impressive physique of the man before me, which brought a smile to my face. I inhaled sharply through my nose in surprise and appreciation. "Yeah," I answered quietly. "Um, from Connecticut."

I had recently move

his loving beauty

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Loving Him Ch. 03

I left the bar early in the morning, staggering slightly as my head swam. I kept walking, trying to erase the image of Max below me, naked, his hard rod in my throat and his cum in my mouth. I tried to forget the taste of him, the electricity of his touch. I couldn't go back to the apartment now. I couldn't face him. I had a moment of weakness and had succumbed to my animal instincts, letting my desire control me. I didn't know where to go and I didn't want to go anywhere. I sat down against the

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Loving to Like Ch. 01

I'm posting this story under the "Gay" heading because this story features man-on-man action, but it's done with Troy's girlfriend watching and participating. If having a woman being part of things isn't for you, consider this fair warning.


Molly and Troy had dated long enough for Molly to complain about the decor of his apartment and long enough for her to give up complaining about it. Troy knew it was his man-cave, a celebration of being who he was and re

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