My Lost Date

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I was supposed to go out with my man-friend, after work, the other day. I was hopeful that he was going to take me out to this amazing Mexican place that he talked a lot about. I rushed home, jumped in the shower, and was ready in twenty minutes. I wore this super short, black skirt, a tight white shirt, and my red, fuck me shoes, with 4 inch heels.

He called, as I was dressing and asked me

lost date

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Cock-Sucker: Lost In France

Afternoon – four-nineteen pm, and it's tar-melting sultry-hot. Hitch-hiking down through France, the Loire valley, medieval hill-top towns, and beyond. My nineteenth summer, in distressed jeans, faded T-shirt and backpack, dark shoulder-length hair and shades, as much for cool as the bullying solar glare. After a chain of short-term and unsatisfactory thumb-trip lifts, when the truck-driver drops me off, I start sloping south along the slow black ribbon curve of road, more or less on impulse, th

lost france

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Making Up For Lost Time

Master had not seen me in some time. I was worried that he had forgotten me...was I not good enough? Had I displeased him? Worse still, my biggest fear; had he found someone else...someone more able to meet his needs? The fear played on my mind for almost all of the three months that Master had disappeared from my life. The hollow I felt was indescribable. My very identity was diminished.

Little had I known that this was part of Master's plan.

He arrived one day. I

making for lost time

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Military Boy Lost Ch. 02

His name was Dan and he was in the Marines out on a weekend night of drinking with friends and hopefully to get laid. The local Waikiki bar known for its military clientele ran beer specials that got some guys past their limit. Dan was almost there but still sober enough to know where he was.

The walk towards where his hotel was along with the breezes put him in better focus. He was aided by one of the local patrons of a gay nightclub and after a friendly exchange; the two went to

military boy lost

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Military Boy Lost Ch. 03

His name was Dan and he was a Marine that I had met one weekend night wandering about the streets of Waikiki. The night we spent having sex was beyond belief of anything I had experienced. There was a part of him that was still innocuous as he was exploring his sexuality and within his own comfort zone; and another part that was as wild as any healthy young male his age could be. I was there for the ride and having as much fun as he did.

We had just had some hot naughty sex in the

military boy lost

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Lost and Found

When I was 18, we moved to the inner city from the suburbs. I had lived in the suburbs all of my life to that point. I began my last year of high school in a downtown private school. As fate would have it, I got lost after my first day of class trying to find the subway station. I ended up in a tenement area that was almost all black. I was quickly cornered by some teenagers who began pushing me around and dumping out my books. Just when I thought I was going to get the beating of my life, a hug

lost and found

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