Careful Where You Look

I met Bob when we were stationed together in the military. He was married and I was single, both in our early thirties, with similar interests. Bob was the type of guy that could convince you to do anything. He always asked me about my sexual activities with my girlfriends. At first, I felt uncomfortable telling the details, but over time I told him everything. He was always interested if I was getting my cock sucked and how good were the blowjobs. 

Some of conversations happened

careful where you look

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A Look Into Tyler's Life Ch. 01

*Beep, beep* *beep, beep* A loud beeping filled my room as y alarm went off again. Slapping snooze I turned over to get a couple more minutes of sleep, when my mom walks in.

"Tyler, get up, you have school today"

I was tempted to start the cheesy; but mooooom... stuff, but it was the first day of school. Maybe I won't start with a bad record, for once.

Running to my bus stop, I realized that this year, I was finally a senior.As well as an adult, havi

look into tyler's life

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Don't Look Back Ch. 09

Lee's simple statement of intent derailed Marshall's entire thought process. In the back of his mind, he remembered the bet. But the prospect of being fucked was a temptation calculated to distract. 

Washing dishes wasn't so bad, was it? Surely worth the price of paradise.

Damn, Lee knew him only too well.

Marshall felt his resolve crumbling. "After I suck you off?" he suggested, although he damn well knew the answer to that particular brand of idiocy

don't look back

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