Eyes Like Winona Ch. 05

*First things first.

I am VERY VERY VERY sorry. :(

I got a new job recently, and it's been taking a lot out of me. No excuse, but that's why it's taken so long. This chapter is short, but I'll try as hard as I can to get back on a 'chapter every two weeks' schedule.

Thank you for everybody who read and voted on 'The Goats'. It's a bit too late to vote on it now, but if you haven't already, check it out. A couple of you have been commenting that it

eyes like winona

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Guys like Tom

I picked up Tom hauling a load to Swansea. I work for a truck haulage company and like the buzz of driving on the highway. It has its perks too - like giving hitchhikers a free ride.

I never reckoned on Tom though. I have enjoyed a couple of girls of late who were more than willing to give me something in return for a free trip, and we had some really great sessions in my little sleep and brush up facility , in built for long distance drivers.

Mt experience is how e

guys like tom

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Room Service like No Other

Mack Thompson had just returned to his hotel room following an intense workout at the fitness center and swimming pool. He was in town for a conference and had arrived a day early. At 30 years old he was the picture of health and could have been the poster guy for a fitness club. Mack stood at 6'2" and weighed a chiseled 190 pounds. He had light brown hair that he always kept short and hazel eyes. He loved to play golf, ski and swim in addition to his routine gym workouts. 

Mack o

room service like other

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Like Putty in His Hands

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story with themes of blackmail and homosexuality - (Although this first chapter doesn't feature much of it) If either of those themes offend you, please do not read. Any resemblance to real people and/or their experiences is purely coincidental. Read at your own risk or not at all.

This is my first submission to Literotica, and my first piece of creative writing written in a long time. Any feedback would be appreciated (Especially concerning sent

like putty his hands

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Like Father Like Son Ch. 02


I stood in front of them, my son grinning broadly at me while Marcus, still kneeling forwards with his hands prizing his arse-cheeks apart, peered over in wide-eyed horror.

"I just happened to see your light on and wondered what was keeping you two guys up," I said by way of flimsy explanation.

"Of course you did," Jake chuckled, and I was unable to stop myself from smiling back at my son in spite of his state of nudity. I made an effort to keep m

like father like son

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Like Father Like Son Ch. 01


The first time I felt like I might be developing feelings for another man was the night when we'd gone out for a meal, and Marcus – my son's friend from university – made a joke that it was like I was Guy's boyfriend.

We'd all laughed at the absurdity of the suggestion – after all, Guy and I are both divorced men, both outwardly straight for all intents and purposes – but I felt the twinge of a new and unfamiliar emotion – an odd combination of pride and excitem

like father like son

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I Still Like Sucking Cock

I grew up in a small town and did not move to the city until college. There was not much opportunity for sex with girls in a small town. As a teenager, our sexual activity was confined to masturbating while looking at magazines like Playboy and Penthouse. We often had group masturbation sessions in the barn of one of our friend's father. Sometimes there would be as many as 6 of us sitting around with our pants and underwear around our ankles competing to see who could cum the fastest or shoot th

still like sucking cock

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Girls Who Like To Watch Men Fuck

After my first encounter with Alex it took me a little while until I could fit anything back inside my ass. He'd done a great job of dominating me and using my slim body. It was a massive turn on and I contacted him again quickly to let him use me more. 

He kept mentioning how he had some friends who really got off on watching guys fuck and that he thought they'd love to see him romp my ass. I loved being dominated, which was becoming a common feature of my sex life, by this thick

girls who like watch men fuck

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Eyes Like Winona Ch. 08

*I'm taking eighteen credits this semester.

That's not an excuse, seeing as the procrastination started this summer, but studying was part of the reason this installment was so late. I hope I'm not getting a reputation, but on several of my stories now, I have taken way WAY too long to finish things up. :(

I just want to tell you all one thing.

I work hard on a lot of story ideas, and some of them, great and exciting as I find them, I just can't f

eyes like winona

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Loving to Like Ch. 01

I'm posting this story under the "Gay" heading because this story features man-on-man action, but it's done with Troy's girlfriend watching and participating. If having a woman being part of things isn't for you, consider this fair warning.


Molly and Troy had dated long enough for Molly to complain about the decor of his apartment and long enough for her to give up complaining about it. Troy knew it was his man-cave, a celebration of being who he was and re

loving like

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