Lights Out

I notice the cold, metal bars lock into place behind me and the guard mentions, 

"5 minutes until lights out."

I turn around to look at the man on his bed, smiling at me. The very visage of him sent a shiver through my body. Then I got a flashback of lunch: All those men leering and breathing around me . . . His warm, strong hand around my . . . FUCK!! I slap myself to wake up.

"That's how you like it, huh?" the man mentions as he notices my hard-on

lights out

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Underneath Erupting Lights

On the streets of Buena Park, California, people with a fondness for customary patriotism expressed gratitude with some undisruptive detonations. As a lifelong tradition, the Fourth of July was alive and well in the city. The street lights didn't become the only ones that provided manmade luminosity. Men, women, and children set their fireworks alight, illuminating the night sky with an onslaught of explosive colors. Entire neighborhoods produced thunderous clatter with high-flying rockets. Plum

underneath erupting lights

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